Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Get Lost!

I know at least one person besides myself watched Lost tonight. And ahhhhhh that was so stressful. Watching that scene (you know what scene!) was like watching Merry die or something. It was horrible. I wasn't sure if Jack was completely out of it for a while, but I'm glad he came through in the end. It was definitely a good episode tonight. And Sawyer didn't even stick Sayid with toothpicks or anything--what a dandy fellow he is. As to Charlie not seeing or hearing or remembering anything... well. That reminds me of an earlier episode when Locke went out to hunt boars. You know he saw something, and yet he professed not to. I think in Charlie's case it's either 1) he's quiet for the same reason Locke is (whatever that is) or 2) he really doesn't remember and he's feeling bad about that b/c he wants to help find Claire. This brings me back to last week. Did that psychic see anything past the plane crash? If so, I'm sure he wouldn't send her there only to have her killed by Crazy Ethan. (Just for the record, I think Ethan's name is Lance) Anyway, I'm kind of upset that it's not new next week. What am I going to do with my Wednesday night? Oh yes. Study like mad.

So, in other news. Last day of classes tomorrow. Wasn't it the first day only yesterday? Where did the time go? I hope next semester goes just as quickly, and I hope it's just as good. I have discovered interests I never thought possible-- physical science and the Maya. Of all things.

I'm supposed to be studying for a non-final test tomorrow. So what am I doing here? Putting it off. Oh yes. And wishing someone would come online and download a song for me. Grrs.
Return of the King is out next Tuesday! It's exciting, but it's also the end, which is depressing. And I have no LOTR to see this Christmas. At least Series of Unfortunate Events will be out. I think the Wide Window hurricane will be pretty good, and I like the look of Billy Connelly's Uncle Monty.

I had a dream the other night that there was a new show out with Deperate Housewives, starring Stacy London. (The Stacy London of What Not to Wear fame) In my dream, I decided it was the best new show, second to Lost. She played a newly released prison inmate who accidentally killed two of her adopted children and their dog (it was supposed to be a prank on her husband). That was after she got out of jail--I don't know what she was in for. In a word: quality.

I'll be true...enough.


  1. You're obsessticated with the show "Lose". Where is the money, Frumix?

  2. Hey what's with you?

  3. Yeah, what's with you? Rob also asked what was with you, too.

  4. There is an obvious hole on your page where your new blogs should be but aren't. And it hurts me.