Thursday, December 23, 2004

Swinging Like a Star

Well, it's that time again! Christmas time--the time of nogs and nights before. Hurrah!

It's also that other time again--time to get really excited for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince--in stores July 16th! I'm so excited about this I could eat a whole hippo. Seriously, folks, this is going to be so sweetbees.

In other sweetbees news, the first two official pictures from GOF surfaced the same day. In one, Ron sports his increasinly unattractive haircut and very unpleasant "Ron" facial expression. Of course, this was spurred by his dress robes which, if I were wearing them, would probably create the same expression on my face. I submit this theory: teaser in March. Trailer in late summer. I am eagerly anticipating the first look at Mad-Eye Moody. After seeing SOUE, I think Billy Connelly (Uncle Monty himself) would have been a great Moody, but I'm willing to accept What's His Face.

Speaking of SOUE, I saw it this past weekend and it was fabulous. Of course, it rearranged and added and left out a good deal of unfortunate (and fortunate) events. Still, nothing was done that would make me complain. Well, except for not included Brett Helquist in the design of things. Jim Carrey--not overwhelming and a better-than-expected Count Olaf. The kids were great, the supporting cast (featuring several people from A Mighty Wind, incidentally) was good. If I really can't have Lord of the Rings on the 17th, I will take a SOUE movie anytime.

Speaking of LOTR, I finally watched it, and it was fantabulous. It was already but it was good again. I have been absorbing the extra info on the appendices and here is some random information:
1) For the Mouth of Sauron, they digitally increased his mouth size 200%.
2) Billy Boyd wrote the music for the song he sings at Minas Tirith.
3) Liv Tyler sings the song played during the House of Healing scene.
4) The cascading skulls are walnuts and coconuts.
5) WOW a lot of work went into this movie!

Ah, sweet bliss of relaxation. I've been reading--recreational reading!--Unfinished Tales. I'm currently wading through Turin's tale--so sad and so good.

Well, kids, I think it's time to say Happy Christmas and get back to decompressing. Or peeling wallpaper. Whatever you prefer.

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  1. Hey, spork, I've never seen or read those books so I don't know what I'm talking about! Sheesh!