Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chase the Cars with your Eyes Open

One of the first things I noticed when I moved back to Utah land was UVU's billboard advertising a Snow Patrol concert in October. Of course this was in May so I didn't worry about it too much since I was too busy being unemployed. Oh, and that wedding thing. Anyway, fall came, but I still hadn't done much more about it besides squealing happily whenever we drove by the sign. (Procrastinate much? Yes.) Then our first month anniversary came along last month and it was followed shortly by this posting on our Super Secret Love Blog:

Three cheers for my thoughtful Mister who surprised me with tickets. Fast forward to this past weekend, and we headed off to the show itself. I'm not going to give you a play by play because you can probably imagine it (loud, awesome), but here are a few anecdotes in bulleted fashion.
  • We pulled into the parking lot where we were stopped by an events man and his 10 year old boy. "Three dollars for parking!" the man said. We didn't have a lick of cash, and we said so. And then the boy says "Just go on through then!" The man agreed and so we went on our way without a fuss. It's too bad for all those folks who happened to have cash, hmm?
  • T-shirts were $30. What a rip off that I wanted nonetheless.
  • Marcue was there! And I didn't even know. Alas.
  • Gary Lightbody had his long hair, which made me so glad. Also, at one point he was laying on top of the piano which amused me. Oh, Gary Lightbody, you're such a card!
  • I was even more glad when they were good live. Phew.
  • They played a new song! It made me really want a new cd, but since A Hundred Million Suns came out last fall it'll probably be a while still. Besides the new song, it was a good mix and they played all of my favorites, even the ones from Final Straw. The favorites were probably "Run", "Chasing Cars" and "The Lightning Strike."
And of course it was so nice to be there with the Mister, who has been working on his own Snow Patrol interest the last few months. I don't think he would have minded if I'd thrown myself at Gary Lightbody, do you? (I just want to hug him and pat his hair so much)

Anyway, it was a great night and we were only slightly deafened by the experience. As a reward for reading this post I give you my favorite Snow Patrol video (the original version! It's an important distinction). Kindly note Gary Lightbody's long hair of which I am so fond.

PS: I was going to include more videos but it's so hard to find them where embedding is enabled. So instead I will give you links so you can watch more Snow Patrol. Run from Final Straw, You're All I Have from Eyes Open and Crack the Shutters from A Hundred Million Suns.


  1. So I saw Snow Patrol a couple of years ago, and here is my favorite memory of that concert.
    Someone in the crowd yelled, "I LOVE YOU!" during a quite moment, and Gary responded thusly: "You love me? You don't even know me! If you knew me you wouldn't love me. I'm officially the worst boyfriend in the world! Have you not listened to the lyrics of any of me songs?" (Yes. He said "me songs." Because he's Irish.)
    So then a little while later I think the girl yelled something about wanting to meet him after the show and he said, "I'll tell you what. I can't do that, but I'll dedicate this song to you. It's another song about me being a crap boyfriend, but it's for you."
    Hahaha. Oh, Gary. You are great.

    Side note: Have you heard the song "Some Surprise" sung by Gary Lightbody and Lisa Hannigan? It was on this CD that a group of Irisih artists released a couple of years ago called The Cake Sale. It's a really great little duet, and if you haven't heard it, I suggest you look it up immediately.

    The end (of my very long comment. Sorry.)

  2. And by "Irisih" or course I meant "Irish." What has UNIX class done to me??

  3. ....I maybe thought that song was a Coldplay song. Gah, me and my lack of knowledge of current British bands. I'm glad you had fun!

  4. My comments, in bulleted fasion:

    -Gary Lightbody is a goof. But then, that really made him even more lovable than he already is.

    -It's too bad I didn't find you at the concert, but maybe it's okay since you were celebrating your anniversary and all.

    -Gah! We had the same situation when we got to events parking! Too bad my sister had slipped my other sister a $20 before we left, otherwise I could have seen if they'd let us in for free too. No fair!

    -Meg, your story is hilarious! Ever since I read it a few days ago, I keep thinking of it and bursting out laughing.