Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pancakes and Pancakes: A Tale of Bunnies

As most of you probably know, I like The O.C. I'm not ashamed. As some of you might also know, my husband can do a killer Ryan Atwood impersonation, but that's not actually related to this post. Anyway, so in the fourth and final season (which I only watched intermittently until the last few episodes--I was unfaithful, it's true) the following character was introduced:

Pancakes! How I love that Pancakes. I've wanted a Pancakes of my own ever since, but rabbit ownership just hasn't been in the cards (yet). Luckily I have two excellent former roommates (ferskner and Marcue) who were well aware that I wanted a Pancakes. So, part of my wedding present was a griddle and rabbit shaped cookie cutters.

Pancake Pancakes! They are geniuses. And also thoughtful.

Anyway, I finally made pancakes this past weekend, and I just had to try my hand at pancake Pancakes. Behold!

They were delicious and fluffy, just like Pancakes. But next time I will think to spray them before putting batter in there because I had to cut them out. Still good!


  1. It was also kind of hard to wash the cutters and clean the dough out of the nooks and crannies, which are plentiful, which issue I think a good spray beforehand would solve.

    Um, you forgot to say how even though *YOU* may not be ashamed of your O.C. love, *I* may be, and also that my Ryan Atwood impression is a mockery, not a tribute. Let's set that record straight right now.

    Also, you make great pancakes.

    That is all.

  2. You're ashamed of my OC love?? You mean you don't love me for who I am?! Boo hoo hoo hoo! *weeps and wails*

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! They turned out so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love this idea. And I think Julia would love it even more. Thanks for the tip! (Unfortunately we have no bunny cookie cutters. She'll have to settle for pears, butterflies, and frogs.)

  5. Ah, pancakes. How I remember those episodes. I also watched the O.C. and was only a little ashamed. I especially love the "alt world" episode.

  6. Hooray for us! I'm glad you like your wedding present, and I'm glad you're using it! Can I come over for pancakes now? I'm sure Drew would gladly clean those cookie cutters off again.

    Ferskner, we rock!