Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two of a Kind

Some time I ago I watched Disney's Robin Hood, and during the movie I tried to decide what each of the main characters would look like as humans. It was a fun little game and it reflected well on Disney that 1) I could do that successfully and 2) they all turned into unique peoples with a variety of traits. Soon after that I watched Land Before Time (this was done on a long plane trip with two well behaved little kiddos). I tried to do the same thing, but all my mental pictures turned into chubby, pigeon toed kids with weirdly long eyelashes and tiny ears. And then I realized who Little Foot looked like.

Yeah, that chubby whining kid in the beginning of Jurassic Park. Look at those long eyelashes, those little ears that stick out. Zoom out a bit and you'll surely notice his pudgy, little boy belly too. Heck, he could even be pigeon toed.

See what I mean? Kind of ironic, isn't it. Side note: Isn't Jurassic Park just divine?

But on a positive note, the other night as part of our ongoing Disney marathon, the Mister and I watched Robin Hood. This time I realized that Little John resembled an actual person as well.

I mean, right?? The mustache, the girth, the acting skills, the foppishness. It's all there, conveniently packaged in the illustrious Frenchiness that is Gerard Depardieu whom I love as Cyrano de Bergerac.

Next in the marathon is Winnie the Pooh. Will there be any resemblances to be found? Eeyore and Hugh Laurie? Rabbit and Patrick Stewart? Christopher Robin and Zac Efron? Only time and the TV will tell what delights await me.


  1. You are hilarious. I love the Gerard connection!

  2. I'll have you know I snorted when I read this post, which was potentially lethal since I had a mouthful of lunch in my mouth at the time. Maybe this blog isn't good for me anymore.

  3. You are such a hata! That kid is totally not Littlefoot! I agree that Don Bluth's animal characters have a certain saccharine quality about them, but they don't look like that doofus kid (who, incidentally, I always thought was such an annoying little pill, which I guess is the point). It's all in the eyes. That kid has a dead, vacant expression and Littlefoot has bright, smiling eyes. You are right about Little John, or as he is in that drawing, Sir Reginald, duke of Chutney, and his resemblance to Gerard Depardieu. I also like the Christopher Robin/Zac Efron thing.

  4. Gerard Depardieu = John Bomperdeau in my world, for future reference.

  5. Very funny. But WHY did you cross out Cyrano?? I do love him. I can see House as Eeyore, but really, Eeyore is more like the prince on Monty Python and the Holy Grail (I don't WANT any of that . . . )