Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Information: What Do I Do With It?

Sometimes I run across a quiz and I just can't resist finding out my results. And sometimes, the more random the quiz the more intrigued I am. How can one resist taking such a wholly irrelevant quiz like "How Sexy is Your Aura?" or "What Random Object Are You?"

I have a special place in my cold* heart for silly Twilight quizzes. I just can't resist finding out what I smell like to such a dreamboat as Edward Cullen.

How I Smell to Edward

*no pun intended. Of course.


  1. Dreamboat indeed! He's hideous! You smell like ice cream sandwiches to me, and there's no better smell than that.

  2. and it looks to me as though he may vomit at the smell of you!

  3. So, I just took it. I smell like I've been with Jacob. And since I HAVE been with A Jacob, I suppose that makes sense. I wonder if Edward in jealous . . .

  4. He can smell ocean???

  5. P.S. I NEARLY gave up after the 80th promotional thing, but thank goodness I didn't because it turns out I smell like freesia and Edward can barely control himself around me.