Thursday, August 08, 2013


The other night, we were lying in bed talking about the Veronica Mars movie, which led us to talking about Jessica Chastain (who was in a season 1 episode), which led us to wonder what her next movie would be, which led us to talking about The Help and how she'll be in the (non-existent) sequel.  Apparently we were a bit loopy because we spent ten minutes thinking of sequel titles and laughing until we cried.  In the interest of, well, nothing, here is what we came up with:

Even Helpier
Abilene's Revenge
The Footes at Home
Whatever Happened to Stewart?
Little Skeeter in the Big City
The Wrath of Minny Jackson
It's Not About Jackson
The Revenge of Mae Mobley
No More Outdoor Toilets
We Clappin' for Somebody Else
Celia and the Mile-High Meringue
Not So Smart, Not So Kind, Not So Important, or, You is Dumb, You is Mean, You is Worthless 
Hilly and the Small Town Band 

And let's not forget Minny's cooking show, Minny Don't Burn Chicken.  

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