Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Rundown

I have always been partial to the number three, and now that Babycakes is three months old, I am extra fond of him.  Haha, just kidding.  I am always extra fond of him.  We haven't seen the doctor this month so I can't say how much longer or heavier he is, but suffice it to say that he is longer and heavier.  I put a few of his 0-3 months clothes away, alas, and got out some 3-6 stuff.  It's crazy to think that by the time he grows out of that size it will be almost Christmas!  Hurray for Christmas.

Back to Boo Boo.  I've already posted about a lot of the things he's been doing in the last month (like rolling), but it seems like he's always doing something new.  Here is this little giggle we caught on camera a few weeks ago:

When he's not laughing, he often likes to talk.  Sometimes he likes to make the same sound over and over again, which he does here:

Kicking is one of his favorite things to do.  He often talks and kicks at the same time, but since my phone is dumb (??) all you get is kicks from this video:

I don't have a video of this, but he has started kicking like mad in the bathtub and thinking it is the best thing ever.  He'd sit in the there forever, just kicking away.  During tummy time lately he also kicks, and if he could just get his arms to do something, he'd be on the go!  But as it is, he just kicks a lot. 

He hasn't fully experienced a pool yet, as swim diapers aren't in his size, but he likes to put his legs in.  He especially likes it when we go to the indoor pool and he doesn't have to deal with me always covering him up in the sun.  I think he will be quite the water baby!

He also discovered his reflection, which amuses him to no end:

What a little imp!  I just love that little hospital hat. 

His big event this past month was his blessing day, which Drew has documented already.  He looked super cute and we took some pictures of him after, which are also super cute, but I will post them on their own.  To celebrate his three month mark, I made him this blanket:

Okay, maybe I made it because I saw the fabric and COULD NOT RESIST.  But either way, win-win.  Here are some other cute things he's done this past month: 

I love the hand on the knee.  He's all, "And now I will tell you a story..."

See how he loves his blanket, Mama? 

So, overall, he is still a most excellent baby and is still generally happy.  He doesn't sleep through the night, but I am not really trying too hard to make him.  He is still wee after all.  But he did start sleeping in his crib full-time, which is fun and probably more comfortable for him.  Kind of sad to not have my little end-of-the-bed buddy though.  He also likes being jumped, sitting in his swing, looking at his mobile and reading books.  I love the rustly sound of his diaper when he's moving around and that little pointed bit of gums that will eventually be between his front teeth.  Random.  Also we are finally defeating the cradle cap!  Plus he has some new hair growing in, which is neato.  Grow, baby, grow!  

(Also, people often say how big he is, but he doesn't seem overly big to me...he's not wearing 6 months clothes or anything.  But then again, I sometimes see babies his age and he IS bigger.  Or maybe they're just smaller?  WHO KNOWS.)

Just for fun, here's a comparison shot from a picture when he was exactly a month old:

Happy three-month birthday, Babyface!  You are excellent.


  1. Oh, I love how he is growing. And he likes his quilt!

  2. He looks like a little elf. I can't believe how much he is laughing! So fun.

  3. Very excellent!!! Great update. I shalt post Share it on Facebook.