Sunday, August 18, 2013

Myself by the Letters

After giving updates about the little one, it seemed like I should do an update for myself.  It's not so alliterative as the CAG's and doesn't come with a bunch of cute pictures,'s just how it is.

S is for Sweat:
I'm always sweaty!  I thought that was just supposed to be pregnancy symptom (which I did not have), but no, I am just a sweaty, sweaty thing now. 

F is for Feelings:
I feel good!  I'm not going to get, like, precious and goobery about motherhood...I like my Babycakes and, well, that is all there is to it.  The transition hasn't been as hard as I expected, and really, dare I say it, hasn't been hard at all.  Thank you, baby, for being so pleasant.

H is for Hair:
It hasn't started falling out yet, but I am TERRIFIED of that day.

D is for Drew:
Just because. 

W is for Weight:
Confession: I gained 50 pounds growing this baby.  It was an accident!  But it was also kind of unavoidable since I was hungry ALL THE TIME.  Also, cruise.  Also, cheese.

E is for Exercise:
I've been going running a few days a week and ran a whole 5K last weekend!  Running is fun.  I've been doing Pilates again too and it feels so nice.  Both of these activities are much easier when one is not carrying around a baby in one's body. 

D is for Dieting:
I'm too busy eating milkshakes to do this.  Okay, I stopped having so many milkshakes, but I am not dieting at all.

F is for Fit:
I have some pants that fit, but most of my regular shirts are just too short.  They have, ahem, more area to cover.  But I'm getting great wear out of all my t-shirts that were always a bit too big!  Ha.  Ha?

W is for Work:
No more work for me!  Paid work that is.  I am really, really liking being home and doing things like laundry.  

I wish I could spell something witty with these letters, and Drewbles and I play so much Words with Friends you'd think I could think of something.  But no (No!).  Here's a picture of me though, just to make this whole affair more interesting:
Well I didn't say it was a NEW picture, did I?

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