Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby in White

Babycakes had his blessing day on August 4th.  He was a perfect little gentleman and didn't make a peep during it--well done, baby.  Anyway, Drew did more of a play by play on his blog so I won't get into it too much.  Suffice it to say that Drew did a great job, just like I knew he would, and said many good things.  It was also nice that my Dad happened to be in town for it so he could join in and represent our side of the family.  

We changed Boo Boo soon after, to avoid the risk of ruining his little outfit and then I realized later that, duh, I didn't take any pictures of him in it!  So we fixed that the next day.  It was a team effort to get smiles AND pictures (he is often distracted out of smiles by the camera), but we got some great shots.  Here are our favorites:

 Way to be cute, Babyface!

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  1. It was such the perfect little getup for him. Great photo-taking too, Wife!