Friday, August 16, 2013


In anticipation of the nearly-eve of his three month birthday, Babycakes has been expanding his abilities.  While he yet to master nunchuck skills and bow hunting skills, he has been hard at work at these others:

Talking to Grandpa skills:

Reading skills:

Looking at his mobile skills: 
(He loves it!  Hurray!  Phew.)

Missouri pride skills:
(Thanks, Mama!)

Sleeping skills:

Spit bubble skills:
(He is a true proficient.)

Piano playing skills:

Smiling and general cuteness skills:

Caterpillar love skills:

Shopping skills:

Sleeping skills:

Motor pool skills:

Thumb sucking skills:
(Not his of course, but mine, old boy!  Now that'd be just fine.)

Hand eating skills:

Bumbo sitting skills:

Tummy time skills:

Did I mention sleeping skills?

Not pictured: laughing skills (it's too sporadic to get on camera but it's super cute [OF COURSE]) and cradle cap skills.  I am...less pleased with that last one, but I am developing my get-rid-of-cradle-cap skills.  Anyway, here is a last big skill he's working on:

Go, baby, go!


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  2. That was a superb front-to-back maneuver!

  3. hahaa that is funny! love it. I couldn't help but say it all in Napoleon's voice

  4. So adorable, but what else would I expect? Too bad Marci's comment has been removed 'by author'.

    1. Oh, that was me trying to post a comment with her account :)

  5. Cute! I love how that rolling over video is just like ours was. "Come on! You were doing it! Just come over here! Come on!" Rolling babies are so adorable, and he just gets cuter and cuter!