Monday, July 26, 2004

Matt vs. Halle...MATT WINS

Well, what a wonderful weekend.  Not only was The Bourne Supremacy great, but it shredded Catwoman at the box office.  Bourne took in 53 million, twice what The Bourne Identity  had its opening weekend, as well as about 10 million more than the best opening weekend for a Bond movie (HAH.).  Meanwhile, Halle Berry and her sucky movie are down in third (at least six positions higher than it should be) with only 17 million.  So, let's run some figures here...Supremacy cost around 75 million to make.  Pretty good budget, considering most summer action flicks are 100 mill. +.  Example:  Catwoman cost around 100 million to make.  Who's going to make back their budget faster and easier?  It's all about Bourne, man. 


In other news, JK Rowling is having another baby, and I saw a skunk last night. 


  1. Hey man. So, man, tell me man, how you know about all these, man? Catwoman is spectactular to the sweetbees cubed.

  2. In other news I saw The Bourne Supremacy and thought it was good, better than a similar movie called Raising Helen's Supremacy.

  3. Raising Helen's Stupindancy is SOOOO CUUUTE!!! YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!