Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Movies Movies and Ketchup

I have just decided what I, Robot was missing.  During the whole movie, filled with talking robots and lots of danger, NONE of them said "Danger, Will Smith, Danger!"  None of the intentional jokes were funny but that one little thing could have turned it into a "rip snorter."

Once upon a time I was asked what my damage about Hellboy was.  Well, children, gather round for story time.  My main gripe about the movie was just that the stakes never seemed all that high by the end.  There's never much concern over who is going to win.  And then it was like, "Oh, the giant squid thing is blowed up... and... and...?"  SO, that is that.  But I think it had great characters and very cute little kitties to boot. 

For those less observant kids in the crowd, John Kerry resembles, among other things, a ketchup bottle.  Scientific tests are pending, but early results indicate this resemblance is unrelated to his wife.  A more likely theory is that he was born with the "ketchup head" gene. 
More on this as it develops. 


  1. Your damage is misguided. Don't you think that The Ogdru Jahad reclaiming the earth and burning the heavens isn't high enough stakes for you? If you want higher stakes, I suggest you go to Golden Corral where every Wednesday they have steak on the buffet.

  2. I don't really see the resemblance between Kerry and a ketchup bottle. But I do hear that you see dead people.

  3. I don't know that he resembles a ketchup bottle, but he sure is getting along well leeching off the Heinz ketchup fortune.

    Hellboy didn't look interesting to me, so I haven't and probably won't see it. I did like I, Robot enough to buy the DVD, though. I thought the product placement was very distracting, but that it still had a good story and Will Smith is an under-appreciated actor. I didn't notice that there were that many jokes, but like everyone else, I really liked the "allergic to bullshit" comment. Good stuff.