Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Batman is a Robot

I just got done watching the trailer for the new Batman movie(  Pre-trailer thoughts: Christian Bale?  Good.  Gary Oldman?  Always good.  Ra's Al Ghul? Interesting choice, much potential.  Michael Caine?  Obvious, not necessarily best.  No Joel Schumacher?  Sweetbees to the max. 

Post-trailer thoughts?  Christian Bale?  Very good.  Tone? Dark, good.  But wait, no neon?  No leather?  No molded anatomically-detailed Batsuit?  Ahhh, such good news.  Basically I see a lot of potential for this flick.  I mean, come on, watch the trailer for Catwoman and just tell me Batman Begins doesn't have potential.  OK, so "Batman Begins" as a title... ehhhh, but if an okay title is the worst thing about this movie, that's not bad at all.

OK, so I fed some dogs tonight that had a new rolled-in-rotten-fish-food scent and now the smell is following and I am seriously going to puke one of these seconds.  Beh.  I mean Blechhhh..

I also caught part of the movie Restoration on Bravo today.  Let's just say two things about that.  Seeing the naked backside of Robert Downey Jr. was not the best part of the day.  Seeing David Thewlis's incredibly weird mouth was also not so great.  (Side note, seeing Robert Downey Jr. in this movie at ALL, not the best part of the day either)

Robert Downey Jr?  Not scrumptious.  Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream.  Scrumptious.


  1. Christian Bale is a grit. Batman is scientist. What's your damage is Robert Downey Junior? He was brilliant in Weird Science. It's all in the name of science. Weird Science.

  2. Well, I just watched the trailer and I think it might be better if the movie had sound, it's the new thing. One other question, "Have you seen Donnie Darko?".
    I wonder if they can salvage a good Batman movie. And what's the deal with Robert Downey Jr. He was good in Air America.

  3. I have not yet seen Donnie Darko, but got throughly spooked from the website. It's all in the name of science. The Air Up There America Science.

  4. What?!? Not a fan of Michael Caine? He's absolutely perfect for the part! And now that I've seen Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, I can assert that even more confidently. Michael Caine is the man.