Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Chocolate Covered Kitty Litter.. Mmmm...

So I haven't blogged at all today, and since I don't want anyone to think I got too cool to blog, here I am.

I watched Hellboy tonight.  It's got some problems in it, I think, but still a good flick, entertaining and different.  My Pop saw it for the first time and so far all he's said about it is that he watched the previews for other movies and thought that was cool.  So, I assuming he's not so impressed, but judging by the fact that he was saying, beforehand, that it looked "interesting" he was probably expecting something very deep and/or meaningful.  SO anyway, that's my story.  Of course, he found the White Chicks trailer amusing so perhaps I should be worried? 

In other news, I cleaned the cat box--what a fun time that was!  Now I smell like kitty litter (messy kitty litter at that) even though I cleaned myself up.  That's really gross considering the fact that now I'm eating chocolate chips.  Kind of hard to enjoy...

Also, my fellow Hermiones and I have decided that a Gamecube and Animal Crossing are necessary for future happiness.  So please contact me with your donations.  Thanks!

Charizard out.


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  1. What are your problems with Hellboy? Are you too cool for life?