Friday, July 23, 2004

Random Thoughts

As I was cruising the streets tonight I got to thinking.  It's so funny how fast you stop consciously thinking about driving things.  You know, when you're first driving a stick you say "Now, I let the clutch out...this much.  And then I push the gas...that much."  Then, just a short time later you're like "I pushed the clutch in?  I don't remember doing that."  It's just a funny thing that popped into my head. 

Another random thought: as I was lying in bed last night, next to a purring cat with a swishing tail I thought how sad it will be to sleep alone in a bed at college again.  I mean, there's nothing else there.  Nothing to shape your sleeping position around, nothing to wake you up in the middle of the night.  No fur left on the blankets.  So I decided I will have to get married ASAP so there will be someone else around.  Of course, he'll take up a lot more space and I can't kick him off as easy.  There will be no purring and (I hope) a lot less hair.  I will miss the purring, but not the hair. 

Other random thoughts.  A Mighty Wind.  Good movie.  King Arthur.  Not good movie.   Dodgeball.  Sorry-excuse-for-film movie. 

Something that makes me laugh: how many Harry Potter fans conjecture about which characters end up together.  Draco and Hermione?  Hermione and Harry?  Ginny and Harry?  Ron and Luna?  I just can't imagine that characters hooking up will really play a vital role in the conclusion.  I think JKR has said there will be some kind life-after epilogue, but is it really that important?  That said, I will be happy as long as Harry doesn't wind up with Ginny.  I have an inexplicable aversion to her.  Otherwise, he can end up with a doorknob.  I mean, we don't even know how many of these characters are going to make it to an epilogue.  Counting chickens, my friends, counting chickens.

Speaking of chickens, I ate a chicken quesadilla and it was yummy. 

That is all. 

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  1. One of these days you will have to explain to me your aversion to Ginny. I like her just fine.

    Yes, King Arthur was a big disappointment. It should have been so cool! Dodgeball was much funnier than I expected. I swore I'd never see it because it looked so stupid, but it came on TV and nothing else was on, so I did a rare thing and watched a movie on TV. Maybe it helped that my expectations were so low. Maybe it's a guy humor thing. Zoolander was much better, anyway.

    As far as Harry Potter, I always thought at the end Voldemort would turn out just to be lonely, and would hook up with Trelawney and all would be good. He'd work at Hogwarts teaching... Muggle Studies, since he's such an expert.