Sunday, October 31, 2004

Talkin' Bout Crazy Cool Medallions

Ah, Halloween. The most fun one-day-only holiday. You know what one of my best Thanksgiving memories is? The Thanksgiving of many moons ago, back in my inexperienced freshmen days. That day was filled with so. much. food. Then, during and after the food we watched Rush Hour. Then, later at home, I watched Legally Blonde and ate leftover pie while lying on an oh-so-comfortable grey couchy/pillowy/futony chair thing. That Thanksgiving also included the first Harry Potter movie, and my first rereading of the books. Yet the second time through did not really draw me in anymore than the first. All it did was make me want to be Hermione for Halloween.

Back to Halloween. So I want to wear my costume every day. If crimping my hair didn't take so long I would probably do that every day. Alas, it cannot be done. And so I must return to everyday life and everyday clothes on Monday. At least sweater vests and cordouroy exist in the world. Hey, who are you calling "nerd"?

OK, I had a horrible experience the other night. I wish I weren't typing this at nearly 1 AM. Alas, such is life. Anyway, I had a dream that I was at home with my sister in the middle of the night. All the lights were out... Must break to put on happy music. Ah, British pop. Anyway, so we were in the house and talking/thinking about The Ring but when we did Samara would appear and be UBER-FREAKY. So we were all "Dude, we have to stop thinking about this!" and I was seriously freaked out. So we walked upstairs and found the piano playing itself. Yeah, Samara again. I got so mad I started smashing the piano bench. "Leave us alone!" and the like. So, then, she begins to materialize on the floor at my feet. She reaches for both my ankles and--I wake up, scared out of my gourd. I was too scared to open my eyes, move or look at the clock. So I laid there for a few minutes and then started hearing these noises...voices. For real. I about had a heart attack but was too scared to get out of bed. So after a few minutes of extreme fear and trying to convince myself the voices were in my head, I realized it was the tv in the living room. "The tv is ON." So that didn't help. More time passes. I can move now, but thinking about the dream sends fear all over me, starting from my ankles. So, finally I realize that it must be my roommate watching tv, I finally check the clock: 3:14. Every month or so she stays up super late watching tv. So this is some comfort and I doze off momentarily, only to awake to footsteps. So, after some panic, I realize it's my roommate, and I hear the bathroom door shut. I fell asleep about two seconds later, but it was so freaky. First the dream, the the voices, then the tv. Oy. When I woke up from that dream, my first thought was "I am never seeing that movie again. Ever. Never. I will never buy it for anyone, ever. I will never, ever experience The Ring again." That opinion has not changed.

OK, happy news for just-before-bed time. Umm. Has anyone seen the new Episode III teaser poster? (As seen here) It's pretty sweet. The Darth Vader head is a little awkward but I like the idea, and Anakin looks pretty cool. Looks like he borrowed Locke's (Lost) scar.

Oy! Best movie news! Sony Pictures is making a movie of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is my favorite Roald Dahl book (not with the Quentin Blake illustrations--the old ones). Not only are they making a movie, it's going to be stop-motion animated movie! Perfect! I hope. The director is Wes Anderson, who made the upcoming The Life Aquatic which looks quirky funny. Perfect! I hope. Such a great book. So sad when he loses his tail though.

OK, I think Mr. Fox, along with Christian/Ewan MacGregor, have cleared up the bad dream blues.


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