Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Circle of Life Blogs

This morning I was jolted out of my Nyquil-induced slumber by the sound of two tanks being banged together. Turns out it was the garbage truck (again!), but when I fell back asleep about two seconds later, I had a dream that I blogged about the garbage truck and how loud it was. So, in an effort to fulfill this prophecy:

The garbage truck woke me up last night. It was very loud. So very, very loud.

Also in this dream I blogged about computer games that I liked or had played a lot in the past. One of these games was Hocus Pocus. Man, that game was sweet. I tried to find some screenshots but those were surprisingly hard to come by. What I liked about this game was that it had some cool atmospheric backgrounds. Most of it is just castle walls, but then these castles have huge windows with neat scenery. The scenery would change with the levels, and you start out with big toadstools outside. Later, there's a moonlit forest that looks so neat and that one is my favorite. Just thinking about it makes me say "Ooooo." You can download the first chapter for free although I couldn't get it to work well on XP and I haven't tried with Vista. This game is old school! Another oldie but goldie: Jazz Jackrabbit.

Another game I dream-blogged about was Resident Evil (2, I think). I have fond memories of watching my old roommate play this for a 1/2-1 hour at night while I ate graham crackers. I only ever watch people play it because I am too chicken to play it, but nobody I know plays it anymore, which is sad. What I liked about RE2 was the sort of spookiness and creepiness of it, and it didn't hit you over the head with zombie violence. It was more about tension than bloody limbs, or that's how I remember it at least. Of course there was plenty of blood and dismemberment involved too.

I think those were all the games I blogged about, but other computer games I played a lot were: Mortal Kombat 1&2, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Halloween Harry, Jetpack, Jill of the Jungle and some crazy hospital game where you did brain surgery. These days I don't play computer games too much--just Sims 2 or Diablo II when I get the chance. But I still got some skillz! Also, I should start eating graham crackers again because they are tasty.

EDIT: Oo, I just remembered my post-blogging dream! I was at some kind of ComicCon and I was wearing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer costume. (Which meant I looked like a teenager in the 90's.) Eventually Angel showed up and there may have been some vampire slaying at some point. You see why I love my subconscious?


  1. To reveal how absolutely un-techno-savvy I am, the only games I have ever played (besides those times I've played Tricky and Mario Kart with you) were the original Nintendo games. Mario Brothers! Duck Hunt! Circus Caper! The Little Mermaid! Yeah, that's it. And I think the only one I ever won was The Little Mermaid.

    I'm so impressed with you! You woke up and blogged and went to work long before I got up. You also have cooler dreams than I do. I hardly ever remember mine. :(

  2. I liked Myst too, but that's not really a video game. I challenge you both to Mario Kart! King Boo!!!!!

  3. I used to have dreams that I was flying through tunnels in a mine fighting rebel robots, because I played too much Descent. Now I dream I'm conquering the world, because I play too much Civilization IV. Also, many characters in my dreams come straight out of WarCraft III.