Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Internet Loves Me

I finally got the Internet at my new apartment and to shows its love and affection, the Internet gave me this:

Dr. Horrible My Little Ponies! Two things I love combined into one! It's amazing! And you can see more pictures here!


(No, I didn't make them, but you knew that already.)


  1. Brilliant!!! I love love love how Captain Hammer is on the van. I wish Dr. H had blond hair, and where is the Penny pony?? But all in all, quite amusing.

    "Everyone's a hero in their own way."

  2. I can't really imagine how you can increase the awesomeness of those pictures! It just blows my mind!!!! Maybe if there was a song and dance number somewhere. . . .

  3. Yuck! That's taking something horribly awesome and twisting it into something horrifying and grotesque! Pure evil.

  4. I wish they were Strutz.