Sunday, August 31, 2008

These Pretzels are Makin' Me Thirsty!

So I was sitting in Sunday School today and I happened to look around and what did I see? Fleece blankets. I've seen this a few times in my home ward, but I didn't know that it had spread to the far eastern borders of the Middle Kingdom. So what's the problem with fleece blankets? Let's examine the evidence:
  • It's August.
  • They are called nylons.
  • Fleece blankets are often loudly patterned. I have seen plaids, dogs, tie-dye and stripes. Thus, they are exceptionally distracting.
  • Who wants to carry a blanket to church anyway? A binder and scriptures are plenty for me.
One expects church buildings to be cold, it is the Mormon way, and one must plan ahead. I guess some people think bringing blankets and hoodies are practical, but don't sweaters and nylons work? That is the whole point of sweaters and nylons after all.

I realize this is kind of a ridiculous thing to complain about, but isn't it kind of like wearing flannel pajama pants to school? And let's not get started on texting or Gameboy playing during church.


  1. Blankets belong at home, and the only time they are okay at church is around babies.

    I think some people in our church have a problem with being too casual at services. Other churches would never allow such casual behavior in their masses, etc. There are other ways to keep warm without bringing your ever-lovin' bedding.

  2. Your church building is cold? I wish ours was! Our church building here, just like all of campus, is sweltering hot. I'm almost certain that some places on campus actually keep the heat on (but on low) all summer, and I haven't seen any evidence that air conditioning works or even exists anywhere on campus or in the church buildings here. Lame.

    I'll take fleece blankets over a too-hot chapel any day. But yes, Gameboys and cellphones have no place in church or any meeting. Although, it's almost as bad that I almost always fall asleep....

    This Pepsi is making me hungry.

  3. In one of my classes at BYU (the Bible as Literature with Stephen Walker. It was amazing!) we all had to take a stab at writing psalms and then we had to read them to the class. One lady wrote a very clever psalm about how the temperature of the church is set by men who wear suit jackets and woolen socks while the ladies with their bare legs and flimsy skirts sit next to the vents and freeze. A vicious cycle?

  4. I fully support nylons, but do admit taht on a hot August day, one tends to forget to put them on at home, then on the discovery of an instensly cold chapel, that same one is grateful for the blankets that are conveniently found in the Sunday school room.
    I have used them. :)

  5. Drew: Are you sure those babies need blankets? They've got all that baby fat to keep them warm!

    Professor: OK, you have a point. I would much rather have a cold building than a hot one.

    Marcue: Maybe instead of having blankets handy in church buildings, there could be spare suit coats?

    Dolcezza: Normally I would be furious with your use of blankets, but my wrath would never survive the journey to you...

  6. They don't bring the blankets, they're just there! I can find it obnoxious, too, though. Mostly when they make their way into Relief Society. That's my turf!