Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Origin of Things

Yep, I'm still "packing." Actually, I've been slightly productive in that my lost buttons are resewn and my laundry is kind of almost done. I even got my suitcase out.

Anyway, so there are two names related to me that I felt like explaining. First, you've probably noticed that I post as "Control." That may make you think I'm a control freak, and that is sometimes true, but that's not where the name comes from. It actually comes from a sketch on the show "A Bit of Fry and Laurie." See here:

It's not really funny to watch, exactly, but it's still...funny. What can be more entertaining than the actual clip is trying to have a conversation talking like Tony and Control. So for whatever reason, after watching this show, Ferskner started calling me "Control" and it spread from there. I think it's fun.

Second story: I have this pink laptop named Vera. (I considered Dolores for a moment but there was that nasty Umbridge connection.) So she was pretty much always Vera, as soon as I picked the color. But I have to give credit for the name from a man named Jayne Cobb.

And there you have it. Wasn't that thrilling? Okay, back to packing and productivity.


  1. Very interesting. I was just thinking of asking you where the names Control and Vera came from. You read my mind.

    I'm still thinking of a decent name for my new laptop. Probably something in Hmong.

    And the most amusing thing in this post for me was seeing Dr. House in his natural accent and also his original genre, comedy.

  2. Well my days of taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle! To be honest I never took you for one who would buy a pink laptop, but I'm glad you like it.

    Haha, great clip, though anyone who hasn't seen the episode might think he's calling the gun a rainstick. That was a fun episode.

    I definitely need to watch more British comedy (mostly all I've seen is Red Dwarf and Monty Python's Flying Circus!) That clip is funny, for it's sheer awkwardness and excessive politeness. And it just snapped in my head, holy cow that's Dr. House! Maybe if I watched more House I'd have recognized him sooner from your previous Fry and Laurie clips I've seen. I had no idea he was British!

    Is that clip a parody of Get Smart? I watched that movie the other day (it's very funny, though Kate laughs at me when I use the phrases "Steve Carell" and "acting talent" in the same sentence but criticize Anne Hathaway), and thought "Control" came either from that or the original TV show.

  3. Hello Control,

    It's Tony. My how I loved that first clip! It was so very nice! I like the idea of naming things, but I find I don't actually do so. My plants do not have names. Neither does my car. I usually call it "Car." But then sometimes I call it "Grandpa," so see I do like the idea of naming things. Maybe I will write this all down in a lovely blue folder. Would you like any hot chocolate before I go? No? Okay then! Goodbye!

  4. Hello Control.

    This is Vannerie. Thank you for the shout-out in your lovely blog. It was quite kind. I do enjoy talking with you and Tony. I hope that we will enjoy our time together after you and Tony get home from work this evening.

    Cordially, Vannerie.