Friday, April 25, 2014


Yes, he knows about that.  Brunch and afternoon tea too!  Ha.

(One day he will appreciate my LOTR references.  Oh yes, precious.)
Anyway, on the morning of the 21st, the little master hit the eleven month mark.  I keep expecting to feel sad about this and start crying whilst I clutch him and sob, "Where did my baby gooooo?"

But mostly I just look at him and say "Wow, you're big!  Let me kiss you some more."  I plan to do this until he hits puberty.

"Just posing casually on these stairs, Mother, no big deal.  Oh yes, do take my picture, do."

Still crawling, cruising and standing all over the place.  I alternate between getting really excited for him to walk, and then being happy with crawling because it's cute when he crawls.  

He eats all manner of things, but particularly likes applesauce, avocados and every manner of bread or bread-type thing.  Sometimes he likes to object to a food and I stick it in his mouth anyway and then he goes nom nom nom.  Babies!  

(He won't touch that strawberry.)

In addition to clapping, he mastered waving and blowing raspberries (a favorite during meals).  He has definitely been exploring his emotions, expressions and volumes this month, though on the whole he is pretty mild.  He still babbles up a storm and sometimes I think he's using words but I just can't tell for sure.  I know he understands some words, like banana and more.  Babies!

(He earns his keep by taking grocery goods upstairs)
(He loves this lion, it goes everywhere.)

And can I just say that finally FINALLY he has a clear, pretty scalp?!  No cradle cap!  No dryness!  Hair!  It's a beautiful thing. Of course, now we're dealing with a perpetually chapped chin, but we're working on it.

Keep making those funny faces, baby.  They just make want to squish your face more.


  1. Walking is totally exciting, but I gave a little sob the day I realized CB had given up crawling for good (since she'd revert to it for speed purposes for a month or so after she started walking and it was still adorable). They just get cuter and more delightful and you don't really want to go back, but still.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! When do I get to kiss his cute cheeks again? :)

    1. Not as soon as he would like! :)