Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Zip Your Clock

And so work on the quiet book continues.  I am trying to do about a page a week, until I run out of ideas and/or steam and then I'll take a break.  Anyway, I did two pretty simple pages in these last two weeks.  First, the clock:

This is another idea I took from the book my mama made.  I used a button instead of a brad and I put interfacing behind the clock hands to make them sturdier.  The numbers I did with puff paint.  Can you tell I freehanded them??  Ha.

I also did this zipper page:

I got the idea from this book of quiet book ideas.  I made a point of getting zippers with big pulls, which limited my selection but I like how coordinated it turned out.  I put fabric behind them, just to give it some pizzazz.  But did I succeed in sewing all the fabric down under the zipper?  Well...no.  So I have to fix that later.  This was my first time doing zippers...

...and luckily no one will see the backside when the book is done.

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