Saturday, April 26, 2014

This Lullaby (Book Review)

Author: Sarah Dessen
Year: 2002
Genre: Novel/Coming of age

Reading Level: Young Adult

Summary: After seeing her mother move through five marriages, Remy knows how relationships work.  She's got breaking up down to a science and she's only interested in temporary boyfriends before leaving for college in the fall.  But then she meets Dexter and for the first time she realizes she might know everything after all.

Red Flags: Language, plentiful teen drinking and partying, some minor sex talk, annoying teenagers

My Rating: C-
And just like that, I'm off the Sarah Dessen horse again.  Man, what an irritating book full of irritating characters!  Remy was so unpleasant I could only picture her as Kristen Stewart, and no one else was much better.  I get that she's supposed to be cynical and whatever, but how can I root for her when I just want to punch her in the face?  Ugh.  I get so tired of characters that basically have everything they want and need but spend all their time whining about life.  And seriously, does she have no hobby besides going to the club and drinking with her friends?  Is that was passes for a hobby these days?  Can I possibly sound any more like a granny lady irritated with the kids these days??  Hmph.

Anyway.  The writing was standard but nothing interesting.  Characters were the standard SD types with their dials set to "ANNOYING."  So.  I'm glad that's over with.

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