Friday, October 22, 2004

Red Fish Blue Fish Superman Fish

I just watched Van Helsing again. I notice more and more flaws everytime I see that flick...and yet I watch it again. For example, how does the Heroic Trio get out of Castle Roxula? I mean, that mirror/map/transport/thing was all about the one-sidedness when Carlmir tried to get back through. Just one more question we will never know the answer to.

So, this has to be some of the oddest movie news I've heard in some time. The only reason I didn't mention it earlier is because I thought it was completely untrue. Apparently, Franz Ferdinand, those guys who want you to take them out, are going to be writing some music for GOF, for the Weird Sisters to play at the Yuletide Ball. But get this, they might actually play the Weird Sisters. Yes, I, too, am scratching my head.

So about this Superman kid, Brandon Routh... Pfffft. I'm still bitter about Bryan Singer ditching his "beloved" X-Men. But check out the list for the "front runners" for Lois (insert pffffts): Mischa Barton(The OC), Charisma Carpenter(Buffy-Angel), Mia Kirshner(The Crow sequel), Evangeline Lilly(Lost[!!]), Natalie Portman(Star Wars) and Keri Russell(Felicity). Yesssss, I'll see ya there.

Oo, who watched Lost last night?! WHAT IS UP WITH THE EMPTY COFFIN?! Did the airline not let him fly with the body (but why would he take an empty coffin back and why would he frizeak when he saw it was empty?)? His pops can't be alive... BUT, I read an interesting point last night. OK, the criminal (Kate) has become the lawmaker (with the sheriff's badge) and the paralyzed man (Locke) is now Mr. Survival. People are becoming the OPPOSITE of what they were before. So... does the previously dead father now live (in some form?)? PLUS did anyone else find it freaky and ominous that the Pops was being shown FROM THE BACK? Gahhh... I also read some interesting theories about the animal noises (from people who obviously watch more closely than I). The theory goes that the "roar" is made up of two noises--one natural, one not (metallic). Perhaps this means a creature is let out (the metallic noise being a door/gate being opened) and then the noise of the actual creature as it is let out. Oy. I can't wait to see this whole mystery be unravelled. I am hooked.

And now I am hooked into the idea of going to bed. Night, y'all.


  1. Is LOST a reality show? Just tell me!! AHHH!

  2. Lost is a reality show. It's actually the first one I've seen to have invisible monsters (how'd they do that?!?!) and people getting killed.