Friday, October 15, 2004

Flourish and Bloxxes

Ah, what a fine day Friday is. I wish I were at home right now to enjoy it. But campus is my second home so I guess it makes sense but maybe.

I'm so very hungry. I've hardly eaten anything all week except crackers, Honey Bunches and the occasional ramen. D'ohs on me--I need to go grocery shopping.

So there are these new official POA style Gryffindor purple and gold. Doofs.

I have a great quote from school this week (from a live person, not readings) and I just want to hear some guesses about class and context. This was totally on topic by the way, not some crazy tangent. Here it is:

"This is menstruation envy!"

Any guesses?


  1. New Testament about Mary and Martha.

    Didn't you lose something this weekend?

  2. grossest show ever! :)