Friday, October 22, 2004

Watch out for Cat Boy!

So today was so of the awesome. I only worked for two hours, and was running frantically to get bathrooms done, so that went super quick. Then I went to a wedding and sat around with thecutestboyeverohmygosh. Then I got to eat buckets of food, including way too many of those Hickory Farms mint-y things. Then I saw The Grudge (more on that) and then I watched some Friends (as usual--the day ended in 'y') and ate a ginormous hamburger. I've had enough beef this week to top out my protein levels for the next month. If beef weren't so good, I might feel over-beefed.

OK, so I read today some quip from Kate Winslet about her willingness to "doff her duds", as they say. So if I were one of her kids in like 15 years, I think it would be really strange that everyone had seen my mom naked in a movie or what have you. I mean, yeah, it's a movie and she's acting--it's not like she's walking around town naked just for kicks and giggles. I just think it would be odd.

I also think it's odd that all of's news articles start out with "X blasted Y for *insert statement/incident/etc.*"

OK, so about this Grudge thing. I got in trouble for revealing too much about The Village so I will keep my thoughts more concise. Yes, it definitely had its scary moments, and I will not deny that I tended to mush myself back into the chair at times. But one can't help comparing it to The Ring, which just had better: 1) story/script 2) cast 3) cinematography 4) characters 5) villain...*shudders*. All of this just added up to a better made, more quality flick. The Grudge is good for scares, but it's just not really good. Partly because it left some confusion also. Question: what was up with the mass of in the corner, the night the old woman dies? I mean, of course it goes along with Dead Woman's hairstyle of choice, but...what did it mean? Also, what did the old woman see when they first looked at the house and why could she see it and not her oh-so-unfortunate kids? And why did it take Dead Woman so long to kill the old woman anyway? So many mysteries with this old woman... I found out earlier that there is sequel to the Japanese original. Just a sidenote. (Also, The Grudge never made me mush as much as The Ring did.)

On the topic of scary movies, I'm going to be travelling at Thanksgiving time, and I think maybe someone I'm visiting should watch Signs whilst I am visiting. It's so good, and really not that scary. Just...good. So good! They should also watch About a Boy because it is absolutely hilarious in a smarter kind of way.

Luc Besson is making an animated movie. OK, I love Fifth Element as if it were my own and I like The Professional more everytime I see it, but ummmm... the Joan of Arc movie was an absolute CATASTROPHE and Madonna was just cast in a lead role in this movie. I mean, she can't act in a live-action movie, what makes them think she'll be better doing this? Shame on you, Luc Besson. Shame on you.

I miss my bed. So. So. Much.


  1. You've never seen The Professional, ruiner.

  2. Where is your bed? Is it in the attic? With your jaw bone? I also have seen the movie "Cat boy attacks". After seeing it all I want to know is who would win in a cage match between "Cat-boy" and Lion-O?

    In further response to your "blog". I have to ask if this "thecutestboyeverohmygosh" refers to your older brother?

  3. Thecutestboyeverohmygosh was a little shorter. And balder. And less verbally inclined. :)

  4. thunder, Thunder, THUNDER! THUNDERCATS HO!