Saturday, October 02, 2004

Wotcher, Harry!

I just "read" a chapter about nuclear atoms. Thinking back to that time, all I remember is the name "Rutherford" but don't ask me what he had to do with atoms of any kind. I had high hopes of getting all my homework done for the week tonight. Didn't happen, on account of plane-ticket-buying interlude (still trying to figure what my means of transport to the airport will be *hint hint*), demoreel interlude and loud roommates long interlude.

Speaking of roommates, we've got a significant other here tonight, his first trip to the Hacienda. Now, this isn't about how he's here after curfew. Pfft. But they're going to watch The Fifth Element. OK, I love that movie, the Twins love that movie...the significant other is not initiated. This is the kid who covered Twin #2's eyes during Bagger Vance kissing (OK, so he did that b/c he thought she didn't want to see it...ho-kay!). So now he gets to watch FIfth Element, you know, the movie with Ruby Rhod and naked Leeloo. Yeah. Good luck with that. (This is the kid who though Paycheck was pretty good, BTW)

I received an indirect challenge tonight. Twin #1 saw Ladder 49 tonight and reported: "I HATED IT! DON'T SEE IT." and various other spazzes all relating to an "unnecessary" death. What does this mean? Now I have to see it at some point and not be a) impressed and b) upset about any kind of death, just to prove I can. The Twins in general believe me to be "heartless" when it comes to movies because I don't cry over them. (Just for the record, Bear is the only one that's managed it) I gotta keep my image up.

In a related story, I haven't had anything to eat tonight except a bowl of cheerios and some saltines. I'm starving but I don't really feel like eating at 1 AM. Pffffft. Well, I do feel like eating, but I don't feel like venturing forth into the world. Dang, I want some Velveeta though. Mmmm. Best cheese equivalent food ever.

Oh, story of the night: saw what is perhaps the most random movie ever last night. Shaolin Soccer. Man, what a great movie! I love watching a self-aware ridiculous movie. So refreshing. I recommend it, especially if you enjoy weird, random, hilarious Asian movies.

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