Thursday, September 30, 2004

Feelin' Mighty Fine

Today's a pretty good day. I have a slide quiz in an hour for Maya Art. I probably wouldn't feel so nervous if I had been able to find pictures of half of them. As it is, I'm hoping to recognize them by my notes....

So I went on today for any interesting movie news, and I was confronted by the poster for The Grudge and the words "Do you have a Grudge?" The same image is here, and you can see the Japanese poster, which is even worse. I know a certain beh who will be seeing that flick with me, after Oct. 22. Mainly because I could never see it by myself and know no one brave enough to venture forth with me.

HBO is making a 12-part series called Rome for next Fall. *drool*

Has anyone watched Lost? If so, does anyone share my opinion that that show is on crack? I mean, a polar bear? I've heard the theory that maybe a plane crashed there with the bear, during a transport to a zoo or whatever. If so, this must have been recent b/c, as I learned from the Ewan MacGregor polar bear documentary, polar bears have to cool down while living in Arctic land. So on a tropical island? Hmm... doesn't look good for that theory. And Dominic Monaghan's character is a crack-head. *tears* He's going to have a problem now because I think his supply is all used up.

Gah! Accidentally opened the window with The Grudge site open. Yeesh.


  1. I don't know if I want to see "Samara II: The Hunger". Although I do have a soft spot for black haired girls in dirty night gowns crawling on the ground all creepy like, then killing people. We'll see it, then we'll see if they should re-make The Ring with another blond head.

  2. Drooling on keyboards is the number one keyboard killer in the midwest. You best learn that.