Monday, September 20, 2004


Don't you love those times when the people you live with annoy the heck out of you, just for sitting on the couch or saying "Whaaat?" to everything you say, seemingly regardless of whether or not they heard you? It annoys me.

I finally found an artist to write about for my Modern Art class. I flipped through my book and picked the painting that I liked. His name is Chirico, and I like his style. I guess he was part of the Surrealist movement, but his style (what I've seen) isn't as "modern" as, say, Rothko or Kandinksky. Which is appropriate since he eventually switched gears to a Classical style (something the other Surrealists didn't so much appreciate). So now I'm finding books for the paper, and trying to write a paper about the Maya creation story and thinking about my paper topic for my research paper on Maya art. Is there any thing in the Maya culture that I think I could talk about for 10 pages? No, not really, but I'm open to suggestions anyway.

So I didn't really do squat this weekend. I wanted to watch Gladiator so so so much, but Conspiracy Theory on and is apparently a better movie... Or something. Pffffft. Remember that annoyance thing with roommates?

We haven't gotten our Internet, which is too bad. Hopefully by Wednesday. That would be fabulocity. Not that I'll have time, since I have three tests between Thurs. and Fri. Yes, thing could get worse, but, to quote Ms. Austen, those who do not complain are never pitied.

Time to get down to business. The lab is "experiencing a high level of usage" and those without an "academic purpose" are encouraged to leave. Like anyone will. HAH, suckers!


  1. The internet? I remember my first one of those.

  2. Since when did the computer lab have an academic purpose.

    Speaking of academic-- I had a Drill Sergeant who used to call alcohol "acadam" because when you drink it you ac a dam fool. It was funny, it was.

  3. That reminds of this one episode of Perfect Strangers that I saw where Balky pretended to be a ninja. Oh Balky.