Thursday, September 23, 2004

I have done a decision!

As I promised a few moments ago, I have a truly wonderful sound byte for the day. This comes from a story about something. Harry probably. And romance. And Hermie. Something about detective work. Anyway, I've got several selections for you and here is the opening paragraph.

"It was over but I still felt some sorrow in me. I needed a cure and I needed it fast. Voldemort was gone, gone forever. The Wizarding World was at peace, yet I still felt some despair. I needed love and I needed it fast. Life was at ease yet again but I felt miserable somehow. I needed someone and I needed you two."

*sigh* I would just like to say that if you replace "cure" with "hit" the sentence is funnier. Next, a poety interlude.

"I am,
Little bit of loneliness,
A little bit of disregard,
A helpful of complains,
But I can’t help the fact,
That everyone see the scar,"


"I couldn’t believe my eyes. You have changed your eyes to someone else. Why? Am I not good enough for you? We’ve been together for several years and you just looked at someone else. You looked at him; you looked at the most popular guy in the world. Am I not a special guy like him? Why? Why not me?"


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