Friday, September 03, 2004

How Sweet It Is

It's been many moons since my last blog. Isn't that sad? Nothing much is happening with me. Just school and boring stuff. I did a lot of laundry last night and that was pretty exciting for me. I also played some darts while at work today. That was pretty fun.

Anyway, only one of the fan fics I frequent was updated. It was one that started with a fairly nice idea. Herms goes back in time but, unlike others, reveals info from the future, changing things. So it would have been cool if she had gone back to her time and seen how everything was screwed up, right? Well, now it's just all about her and Rems and this weird triangle-but-not with Sirius. Anyway, now it's really lame and I read it only for amusement.

Oh, I hate a t'awesome dream about Prisoner of Azkaban (movie) last night. I was watching the movie but it was a completely different story and everything. I don't remember anything else except waking up and thinking about t'awesome it was. And that's my story. Hope you liked it.

So movie news. There isn't really any. Nothing exciting. Rumor has it that Jim Caviezal has been cast as Superman. I'm willing to go along with that, I like Mr. Caviezal. I'm not really Supes fan so really I don't care much who plays him but it's not Ashton Kutcher so that's something. Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that Ashton's 15 minutes are quickly quickly quickly running out?

Anyway, on to the sound byte of the day. This is one is a real gem of a description. Enjoy.

"Hipnothia Monica Parker was a normal teenage girl. Yes she might have had strange features as her emarald eyes and long black hair, She was very special because of her beuity of her honey brown skin and soft features that made everyone want know her. But you could say this sixteen year old girl had a destiny to be something that you don't see every day. Hipnothia had a destiny like every one else but hers was slightly diffrent from everybody else. Why, because she gave her life into being a hero even if it meant giving a little more. What is that she thought she needed to give up Love. But the thing is you don't need to give up love to live this life she only had to accept it. Family secrets come along to explain this destiny. Who Harry potter and the golden Trio? Why Powers comes with the destiny of being charmed. Little did she know was that all of her love and gifted powers made her a very special person becuase she was Charmed"

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