Monday, September 27, 2004

What a fine Day to be a Gladiator

I watched Gladiator last night. Let me just say that I am so happy that movie didn't fall into so many of the pitfalls movies are prone to fall into. No cheesy humor, no cheesy violence, no cheesy nothin'. Cheesiness (unless cheese is intended) is a movie's worst enemy.. but anyway, that movie is awesomeness. There's a shortage of movies with real meaty drama that doesn't go overboard, and I think this is one of them. By drama I just mean movies that include Gladiator is a drama with a lot of action, and Moulin Rouge is a romance with a lot of drama. That kind of thing. John Q is just straight drama and straight drama often shifts into melodrama.

Speaking of movies with drama and those without, I think that was Vanity Fair's greatest flaw--lack of drama. It had a good cast, and a reasonably good story (the skeleton of it). It just lacked that real emotional drama that I think it needed to make you really care about any of the characters. It never really built up to a climax either. In retrospect I see what it was, but only because ten minutes later it ended and there was no other climax candidate. The trailer made it look all emotionally intense but then it fell on its face.

So The Forgotten was number 1 this weekend, which I for one didn't expect. I've been checking for the complete spoiler all weekend, and it's the only one without it yet. D'oh! I want to find out about these crazy aliens.

I have finished my first round of Christmas shopping. Yep, already. I want to pace myself so I don't end up penniless in January. So this month I ordered all the nephew presents. I just ordered them so I haven't gotten them yet but I'm excited anyway. I think I made some good picks.

On the nephew front, this weekend I discovered the secret potion to making my nephew love me and I got all kinds of smiles. This potion consists of: a plastic caterpillar, poking of the double chin and rubbing of the button nose. Of course, at one point he just smiled at me for no reason and that was even more exciting. All kinds of good things.

On a sidenote, my roommates are driving me up the wall with their snipe-iness (to each other, not me). One said she wouldn't live with the other one next semester, but I don't feel inclined to live with either of them if they're going to be emotional 6 year olds with each other. I don't get why siblings treat each other worse than people they hate. Why is that?

Currently I am grooving to Sagat land music, or, as it has been called, "Neutral territory" or "Fake making out land". It's pretty sweetbees. Remember First Aid Bison? Gay Bison? Good times, good times. Man, this game was sweetbees! Sweetbees to the sugarcube!

Tiger Uppercut!

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  1. Aren't your roommates sisters? I would like to add that Vanity Fair sucks, and that my hardy agreement with your arguements has caused me to view all new movies with suspicion of sucking.