Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bless my Beautiful Hide

Greetings. What a fine day it is. At the top of the list today we've got movie news to make fun of. Let's get started.

Ashlee Simpson is starring in a movie opposite Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie wins the "Most Ironic Title of the Day" award with the name Wannabe.

Milla Jovovich is going to star as Billy Bob Thorton's wife in Fade Out, a so-called Hitchcockian thriller. The mystery at the core of the movie will be how these two people ever got married. Billy Bob's exes are being consulted by screenwriters trying to find a plausible explanation.

Russell Crowe is considering directing and starring in The Long Green Shore. This movie is set during WWII and focuses on an Australian battalion charged with getting the Japanese out of New Guinea. What? A World War II movie... that's all beh needs to know.

Alexander has been moved to the end of November (as opposed to the start of the month), thankfully delaying the day when blonde-haired Colin *snark* Farrell will be seen by the masses.

That's all the interesting movie news for today. What else have I got in my drawers... The silliest bit of news for the day is the Robert Downey Jr. is coming out with his own CD. Yeah, you read that right. Apparently, he is a "brilliantly gifted songwriter who writes lyrics that are wise and moving." He also has a "burnished, smokey voice." Pfffft.

I found a fantastic sound byte for today, after a long absence of bad writing (I know, sorry), but it's so special it needs its own post.


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  1. beh happens to be a very discriminating movie viewer, and not just WWII movies either. Because of beh's discriminating, yet good taste in movies it was recently suggested that beh hated movies, but that is not true. beh hates bad movies which are abundant