Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Sound bytes and Cookies

I wish I had a cookie. I wish I had a good substance of any kind. I had some Triscuits about a million years ago. *Sigh* Man, life is boring right now. What's wrong with September that makes it so frazeaking boring? And why does Mayan art have to be so frazeaking ugly?

Well, moving on. Oh, suprise of the week. Hero beat out all the new movies and took the #1 spot again. Only 11 mill but still surprising. Vanity Fair (good, but lacking intensity) was #8, another surprise. Still, it had 8 mill, not a big difference, and a budget of only 23 mill so it should pull through ok.

Moving on again. I hope to have internet at my house by the end of the week which means more bloggses! Hurrahs! Well, here is the sound byte for the day. This fic reveals all of Hermione's thoughts during the course of the books! I would just like to take a moment to praise its accuracy in depicting Herms. Or something.

"the train
12:02 am
Stuck on this stupid train in this stupid compartment with two stupid guys. Well, and Ginny, of course. Can’t forget Luna...she’s here, too. But why must Harry and Ron be here? I still can’t believe they’re my best friends. They’re such idiots.
Luna and Ginny are whispering in the corner, and Harry and Ron are eyeing me strangely. What dorks.
12:04 am
I wonder if I’ll be single all year again. Just like every other year.
12:06 am
Oh my gosh, what if I am? I had Viktor a couple years back...
12:07 am
I may just die with shame."


  1. Hermione can write fast. I hope she does not die with shame. If she wishes it I will give her the one ring.

  2. Hey, if you didn't spend your time bloxxing, what would you do instead?