Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Smiddle Earth

While I have been out of the commission the last two days, sneezing my brains out and such, I have been all kinds of productive. I wrote a paper for Maya art, which didn't turn out very well due to low levels of mental capacity on my part. Oh well. More importantly, I have begun the building of Middle Earth in one of my Sim neighborhoods.

First, I build a piddling Minas Tirith, then Moria (complete with the lake and the fabulous door) and a hobbit hole (INSIDE A HILL--I so rock). Today I rebuilt Minas Tirith, complete with a table and fruit bowl, just for Denethor. Then I began construction on the Golden Hall in Rohan. It's even on top of a hill, with a gold roof. Yes, my friend, my transition to complete nerd-dom is complete. Now I am on the hunt for more Rohan items and such. I am still trying to find hobbit skins for kid-sized Sims. Everyone makes them adult, since kids are usually 1/10 as useful as adult Sims. BUT they apparently don't have the magic door that gives kid Sims all the adult Sim actions. Anyway, Middle Earth is coming, folks. Rivendell is on the way. Just in case anyone was interested.

My head is on the verge of exploding, in case anyone was interested in that.

So I've been online now for over a half hour and I haven't talked to anyone on Messenger. Does anyone realize how bizarre this is? I feel so isolated, so cut off, so... alone. Ah, my mental capacity is draining again. Good times.

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  1. Well, you know what they say. Sometimes when you think people have checked their GMail accounts and written back, they haven't.