Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Chacha hammas

If anyone can tell me what movie "chacha hammas" is from I will be very pleased. You won't get anything except my pleasure. But that's still pretty cool.

I'm hoping my internet comes today. I have to go home and check the mail. The next time I blog it may be from my room, where I can make fun of people at my leisure.

On the GOF news front today, Percy will not be making an appearance. The actor (Chris Rankin) was contracted for POA and one more HP movie. He doesn't really have a role in OOTP so maybe in the 6th movie he'll turn up. John Williams may not be doing the score for GOF, which is okay in my book. I enjoy his themes but otherwise he's rather dull. Anyway, Patrick Doyle is rumored to be doing it. I think he did the music for Sense and Sensibility. Fabulous movie...

Tom Felton (Draco) turned 17 today. 17! When did any of them get that old? As my Maya prof. would say: Dang.

I'm approaching the halfway point in The Grim Grotto. I am so confused now. I had numerous theories before I started reading it, and now they've gone down the Stricken Stream, along with the sugar bowl. *Sigh* And that other submarine! Who was in that one? The man with no hair but a beard and the woman with hair but no beard? It must be... Who are they though? And are the eagles with them still? Probably not... Hmm. I hate it when school gets in the way of my recreational reading!

I had a dream the other night about contact lenses. Contacts are always the same in my dreams--bigger than my eye and kind of thick. I always pick them up and say, "Were they always this big? How do they ever fit in my eye?" and then spend about 15 minutes trying to get these horrible things in my eyes. It's so nice to wake up and see the little floppies in their pool of saline.

My roommate got locked out the house the other night. She didn't take her keys and came back sometime in the wee hours. She almost never takes her keys, even though she's been locked out before (all night on one occasion). Maybe it's just me, but it seems like common sense to take your keys with you when you leave when you know your roommates will be asleep when you get back (or they won't know you're gone)...



  1. My pa says your pa's yellow.

  2. Well, I don't really have anything to add tonite. So I'll quote something someone told me a couple of days ago.
    Me: "My name is _____"
    Other Person: "I'll call you Noah."


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  6. Why don't you read my blog?

  7. Anonymous1:09 PM

    chacha hammas is from the fifth element