Tuesday, August 31, 2004

We're not done Drippin and Bloggin!

Ah, time to blog. How precocious it is.

Well I have nothing interesting to say. Well, only this. I think bad movies can sometimes be enjoyed for their badness. Example? The Musketeer, XXX. A horrible movie, laughable in its horribleness. Yes, there are movies that are so horrible they should not be seen by a member of the human species. Examples? Mrs. Winterbourne, the Avengers. And that's all I have to say. Except that this computer lab stinks royally.

Anyway, so I found this nice little excerpt from a Harry Potter fan fic. Something about Aunt Petunia being a squib. Or something. These are the first three lines, in their entirety.

"Harry was awoken for the third time that week, but unlike the first two, this time it was a large and dull shout from his gigantic and rather stupid, Uncle Vernon.
“Get down here boy, NOW!”
Harry was surprised to hear his skinny aunt Petunia sticking up for him, and by Vernon’s reaction he was too!"

And then the story continues with Harry looking at his school things. Never are we to know what Aunt Petunia did to stick up for Harry or what the gigantic and rather stupid did in reaction. Time to call Unsolved Mysteries!

Well, it's a sad thing but I must get on to class now. I'm trying to add a class on Mayan art. I don't know anything about Mayan art so I guess that's the point of the class. Anyway, hope y'all have a blogtastic day.


  1. Did you change your major?

  2. Yeah, I did. I'm now a family science major with a pottery minor.

  3. Family science majors are from Idaho.

  4. Is this a good time to talk about the dress standards of the youth?