Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Daily Sound Byte

In all my eagerness to get to flash games, I neglected to post my favorite fan fic sound byte of the day. Today's snippet comes from a Hermione/Oliver Wood-centered fic. Not wholly bad, but quite Muggle-ish in its themes. It takes place in 7th year, and Hermie has "blossomed" over the summer. Anyway, here's a line from Hermione to Ron telling him about her experience with a boy the past summer:

'I hadn't meant for it to happen, but it did. He was just so....charasmatic....I couldn't resist him." She stopped, sensing he didn't want to hear more. "Anyway, he didn't call me the morning after. I called him after 2 weeks and he dumped me. Said he only wanted me for...." she swallowed in an attempt to get rid of the painful memory. "...for my body." Tears sprang from her eyes suddenly. "That's why I'm so upset about people liking others for their looks. He assumed that I was a brainless bimbo just because I was good looking. He used me because I was good took me the rest of the summer to regain even a little bit of my self confidence. He hurt me so much, Ron. It was horrible. I would have told you after it happened, but I couldn't. I just let it slip to Harry. I wasn't planning on telling anyone. Harry helped me a lot though. Helped me to realize that I'm not just a piece of meat and one day someone will think of me as more than just a body." Hermione swallowed again, tears still coming from her eyes.'

Alas, that such a paragraph should be written.

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