Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Greetings, one and all

Well everybody's favorite Reimburser has been MIA today and that made me sad. :( So I think the Reimburser needs to put in an appearance. In order to lure him out I have found a fanfic excerpt with unparalelled use of the English language. (The "girl" is everybody's favorite Hermie.)

"The girl under the umbrella emitted a small and gentle sneeze from her nose, wondering weather or not anyone was there to be able to hear it while the giant storm crashed above her. Her shiny brown eyes stared gracefully towards the lightning as is flashed above her, illuminating the bellowing clouds above, filled with water ready to explode and flood the plains of land that lay below."

Unlike Herms, I sneeze out my ears.


  1. I hate it when I emit a sneeze or really emitting anything is kind of embarrassing.

    This passage needs some context, what is going on, why is she on the plains, has she time traveled and become a pioneer? Are the clouds filled with water, or her eyes?

    Where is the Reimburser? I don't really hate his blog. By the way, I'm at work and blogging, two can play at this game.