Friday, August 13, 2004

Fan fiction--the spice of life!

In my search for today's Daily Sound Byte of Badness, I ran across two... Well, three actually. Our first winner got the prize for bad technical writing. It comes from a Fleur/Oliver tale of romance.

"She walked to the Hogwarts Express and looked inside. There were compartments. She asked someone to help her with her trunk and then walked in. She attracted many looks from the boys because she is part Veela and glares from their girlfriends. Finally she arrived at one compartment almost empty."

The best part? "There were compartments." Nice.

The other two winners today are both from Hermie stories. The first is her diary...or something. Hermie's always been a really enthusiastic girl so her exuberance here is completely in character.

"Good Morning Diary! Today is another lovely day. Oh gosh, I wish I had something to do! I think I will go owl Ron and Harry a letter. I really can’t believe school is almost starting! Its really exciting, I really can’t wait to get back to the library and study a bit more. I have done my homework the week after school ended so I would have time to do other things, but now it seems as though I have nothing to do at all. You know that song “Never Be Replaced,” By 1st Ladi??? I like that song. Its really cute. Many people at Hogwarts probably don’t know I like music. I’ll bet Harry and Ron don’t even know! Oh! The telephone is ringing! I got to go! I’ll write later."

Our third Sound Byte and winner of the Angst Award is from a Lupin/Hermie fic. She's writing her suicide note...or something.

"Today is January 21, 2005 and it will be the last day that I write in here. It has been a terrible two long years (since the day Sirius died till now) and I find no reason to continue living it. I find that this will be the wisest decision I have ever done. I can't live without any friends and there is no need for enemies when your used-to-be-friends think you are the enemy. Well I don't know why Harry and Ron won't believe me when I say that I did not betray them. If they only thought for a moment why would I join the one man that killed my parents? It really can break a person and make them feel unwanted. I know this won't be read. I mean, who would want to read the diary of a teenage girl that just has problems? There are a billion people like me I can bet you that. Well I guess this is good-bye and I know I sound stupid saying this but I really feel like it but maybe. just maybe. I wasn't meant to live a happy life and maybe my fate was to suffer, and live a life full of pain, misery and loneliness and to say the truth, I don't want to find out how my life will be."


  1. Have you seen Underworld?

  2. I think you should stop writing these fanfiction. I think you need to do a decision and choose something else.