Friday, August 20, 2004

Worse than those OVERCOMMERCIALIZED Olympics!

Someone I know thinks the Olympics are the worst thing to happen to society as a whole. So here I am to show him that there are worse things. Like fan fiction...

Herm went thru a tough time durin the 1st few daes of her seven year in hogwarts. ron harry gin n lavender were tere for her.she made new frens fr slytherin. draco pansy n so on.they became close,will herm n draco becum more than frens?"

I wish I could becum more than frens with someone but maybe.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Harry Potter; it might as well be mud if I don't survive the next few minutes. Sixteen and, through most of my life, single. I go to the Wizarding School in England called Hogwarts. There are girls there, but let's face it. I've got perpetual friend syndrome.

That brings me to my whish. I don't know if it was my raging teenage hormones of if I truly desired female companionship in a more than friendly state. Oh, I have my share of female friends don't get me wrong! But that's just it, friends. And all my guy friends, well they make me sort of jealous… Many of them are getting girlfriends, some of them more than one, but that's usually my quasi-friend most-of-the-time rival Draco Malfoy."

Poor Harry, sixteen years old and single for most of that! If only he could becum more than frens with someone...


  1. Sumtimes I whish I had a gurlfrien

  2. If whishes were phishes, my frein.