Thursday, August 26, 2004

Will the fun NEVER end?

Today's sound byte has origins at Fanart Central, which is obviously not as good for fanfix as Still, this piece of fiction was just too... good to pass up. Enjoy the badness!

"'ASHLEY NICHOLE BEARY' yells Mrs.Beary. 'Yeah Mom?!' thats me Ashley Beary. I'm 15, and' am quit pretty. No really I am, just ask the bus boy, paper boy, and foot ball player. I have long dark brown hair that reaches to the middle of my back,that when the sun shines on it, has a copper glow. I have dark brown eyes that show my emotion easily if I allow it to. I have freckles all over my face, but every thinks their cute. Oh and I almost fogot I'm 5'5". Lately my mom has been acting really weird. i think it ahs to do with her chair moving without anyone touching it. I've been feeling strange myself lately too. But enof of that lets go find out what my mum wants."

1 comment:

  1. What is this story about? Is this Freaky Friday the Lost Episodes?