Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Real Heir of Slytherin

Well here I am again.

The only real news today is about Joss Whedon and X3. Apparently he's ready and willing to sign on in Bryan Singer's absence. I'm still surprised Bryan Singer hopped shipped to Superman just like that. I mean, for the past million years he's been going on about doing the Phoenix in #3 and now when it's all ready to be done he bails. What a slacker. I'm kind of irked. What's Superman got that X3 doesn't? Sure doesn't have Hugh Jackman for one thing.

Anyway, since Singer has left and Joss Whedon is a likely substitute I will throw my thoughts on him out there. I think his writing on Buffy worked for that show, but I hope that wouldn't carry over to X3. After all, the X-Men aren't high schoolers. I've been reading his Astonishing X-Men and it's pretty good. Nothing fastasmic, but I'd be willing to go along for the ride. At least he likes comics and X-Men.

This is a boring blog. I bought my textbooks today so that was cool. I also had some Dreyer's ice cream, Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake which is possibly the best ice cream ever invented. Chocolate is best in ice cream I decided. Yum yum yum.

In fan fiction news, any story revolving around Harry being pregnant should not be attempted. Unfortunately it's too late for that. No wonder people fear for the future.

Well, flash games call. Over and out.

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