Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Happy Christmas

First off, let me address recent rumors of a new Harry Potter trailer. Such a thing does not exist. That is all.

Second, I have some follow-ups to the recent Pride and Prejudice news. Rosamund Pike (Jane) is not as old as I thought, and, therefore, does not have such a large age gap with Kiera Knightley. Small comfort. Also, I watched Wuthering Heights today and feel Matthew MacFadyen might pull off a poor-man's-Colin-Firth Mr. Darcy. Still, Kiera Knightley and Donald Sutherland are still in it so I am still displeased.

Not much movie news today. None at all actually. I'm watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Here is food for thought: the book title in the UK is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone so that must have been odd for the UKers to hear "sorcerer's stone." Poor Brits.

In other Harry Potter thoughts, this movie seems awfully long compared to #3. Not necessarily bad. I mean, this one did have a lot more backstory to take care for, like, the first hour.

Harry Potter trivia for today: Erised (as in, Mirror of) is "desire" spelled backwards. Also, the words above the mirror read (backwards): "I show not your face but your hearts desire." In other Erised news, I love the part in the movie when Harry sees his parents in it. It's almost as good as the part in the third movie when he looks at the photo of them in the beginning. I don't know why, but I enjoy seeing his parents.

I love how the movies use birds to show the passage of time. "Time a bird"

Happy Christmas!


  1. If you look at Harry Potter backwards it says Rettop Yrrah, and then if you take the letters off that aren't pronouced by the Britty's you get Rttop Yrra. Then you switch the first two letters you get: Yttop Rrra. Next you replace the letter "r" with "m" you get: Yttop Mmma. After this you put the second name behind the first letter of the first name, DUH, and you get: Ymmmattop. In accordance with Hogwarts: A Compendium you then switch all "o"'s for "e"'s and you get: Ymmmattep. Lastly if you spell this phonetically according Spelling: The Hunger, you get: Imhotep. As everyone knows this is The Mummy, and this new evidence clearly show who will teach Defense Against the Dark Arts in the next Harry Potter book. It's simple. And in the movie it will be played by the Olsen twins.

  2. That brings up a very important point about Imtomop. If you take all the o's out you get imtmp. Then if you do some other stuff you get, Harry Potter loves Hermione. So, this is obviously a secret code from Hermione, who is actually the mummy, to Harry Potter, who is actually Michael Keaton, played by Bruce Wayne. So in other news, Batman is really Hermione.

  3. I know kung fu.