Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Just a quick gripe before settling down for a bit of fan fic writing. I just saw some pictures from the Goblet of Fire set, of a scene being filmed. (For those interested in the technical aspects of the thing, it was presumably the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione on the road to the Quidditch World Cup) On the good side, Harry was wearing his same black and white track jacket from POA, which I like for continuity's sake. But Ron...


He was sporting his horrible shag hair. Too long and not like Ron at all. It irritates me intensely because it makes Mr. Grint look absolutely ridiculous as well as completely unattractive. People with thick hair (guys in particular) should not grow their hair out like that. It's a horrible thing, people! If any of my nephews were to try it at age 15, I would sneak into their rooms in the night and cut it off. I wish JKR would intervene since she's really the last word in all things Harry Potter, but she's busy with the book. Understandable.

Anyway. It vexes me. I enjoyed Ron's hair in POA, it looked fine. In my mind, Ron is too poor to be cool. And his hair style shows too much of an attempt at coolness. I am vexed.

I did find out an interesting piece of news though. I have always wondered why Harry's scar was moved to the side of his forehead in the movies when illustrations put it in the middle. Well, apparently this was done on JKR's instructions and is where it really is. The books never actually specify. Although when his scar flops to opposite side momentarily in POA, I don't think it was on her orders.


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