Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Queen has Returned

Well, in order to fight rumors that I'm too cool for blogs, here I am. Blogging away.

As we have probably all heard Collateral was #1 at the box office this week. It made 24 mill., which is isn't bad. The Village was #2 with 16 mill, but dropped about 60%+ from last weekend's take. Which isn't so good. Apparently other people wanted non-Adrien Brody creatures too. Mr. Matt Damon and his sweetbees flick maintained at #3 with 14 mill. So far, its take is up to 124 million in about three weeks. Compared to some of the "sure things" of the summer (Troy, Van Helsing), it is doing very well for itself. Catwoman has fallen to #10. The funny thing is that I still see ad campaigns on commercials and in magazines. I guess there's even a line of Catwoman-inspired clothing, like stilletto boots with sparklies on the heel. Because that would be cool. *snort*

In other news. I have relocated myself into a dry air climate and am already shriveling up. I've put lotion on a few times already and still feel like my skin has been very unpleasantly stretched. Like I'm being tanned. Like leather. Like all sorts of unpleasantness.

In other news. I'm amazed at how some people will believe anything they're told, without any attempt at finding out the truth for themselves, even if it sounds completely irrational. Like there's going to be an 8th Harry Potter book. No, people, she said maybe an encyclodpedia of sorts. Not Harry Potter and the Land Beyond Hogwarts. Do your research so I can stop correcting you.

I haven't seen a movie for a while. I did see Sense and Sensibility a few weeks ago, and liked it a good deal more than I remember liking it. I still don't really care for Hugh Grant in it, but About a Boy always puts him back in my favor.

There's really nothing of interest to discuss today. No interesting movie news or anything...Oh, I met my latest nephew today, and he is scrumptious. I got frisked at the airport by two ladies. Upon seeing the picture of my other nephews in my wallet said, "Are these your keeds?" I said no, but they giggled over the boys for a few minutes anyway, commenting on their cute little cheeks.

Well, I'm supposed to be getting ready to leave right now, but it's so dry outside I just want to sit in a pool or something. *Sigh* Oh, here's a piece of injustice for you. The move-out date for the current occupants of my house is Aug. 20. But the move-in date for that house, along with every other residence in the area, is Aug. 27-28. Wow, that's a really good system. So everyone can move and shimmy their stuff to a friend's place and spend a week on a sofa. Cool. I'm really excited for that. Well, I think that's enough from me right now.


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